Seafood dishes that you cannot miss in Ensenada

If there is an attraction in Ensenada, it is their seafood-based food. Considered the gastronomic capital of northern Mexico, here you will find dozens of delicious dishes to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of the human being: eating. And eat well.

Ensenada style fish tacos

Definitely the most famous dish in Ensenada. These are fish tacos bathed in flour and fried, accompanied with tomato, onion, cabbage and spicy sauces.

History tells us that this delight was born between 1960 and 1961 in the Black Market of Ensenada, Baja California.

The story goes that battered fish tacos are a clear heritage of Asian communities that settled in Baja California since the early twentieth century.


The best lobster in the whole country (and the most accessible price) you will find in Puerto Nuevo, just a few minutes from Ensenada.

There, you will find several simple places in which the specialty is this marine delight.

You will be surprised by the dishes, served with halved fried lobsters, well-seasoned and lightly ground Peruvian beans, red rice, chili sauce, melted butter and a basket of flour tortillas 15 centimeters in diameter. And for drink? Cold beer.

In addition, musical trios, band and mariachi groups that entertain the evening of diners are scattered among the locals.

Sea urchin or sea cucumber ceviche

While all Ensenada ceviches are a delight, those made with hedgehog pulp or sea cucumber and lemon juice, as well as other sauces, reach a next level.

However, if the idea of trying this delicacy does not catch you, you can go for something more traditional but no less tasty. Ceviches can be made with octopus, snail, clams, shrimp and a variety of fish.

Abalone Tiradito

This dish consists of thin slices of abalone, accompanied by a spicy but acidic sauce based on different ingredients.

Another advantage of Ensenada, are the carts. They are posts that began as street vendors and then located in strategic points of the city and are an emblem of local cuisine. Here, you will find the food at an excellent and delicious price.

Among the most famous are 'El Güero', near the sea, on Alvarado. 'El Gordito', at the corner of Ryerson and Paseo Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla; and 'La Guerrerense', a colorful cart also established in Alvarado.

If you want to go to any of the carts located in Alvarado from Valley nomads, you can arrive in about half an hour following the route that we will show you below: