Glamping: the right medium between nature and luxury

The glamping It is an option increasingly desired by travelers and tourists who want surround yourself with the beauty of nature, but without losing the comforts of a hotel. Even for those looking to travel to a place where they experience other types of luxuries and amenities, as a way to change the routine and enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Although the term emerged as such in 2005, it is since 2016 that it has begun to become a trend around the world. Every year there are thousands of travelers eager to stay in comfortable and cozy facilities amid impressive natural wonders.

Without sacrificing your comfort

One of the disadvantages of going camping is that although there are beautiful views there may also be a lack of amenities, such as toilets or electric light. This is why the glamping mixes the best of two worlds: love nature without losing the luxuries and comforts of modern life. 

To those who have never tried it, imagine being camping but changing the sleeping bag for a comfortable double bed. With the option of toast under the stars with a glass of Ensenada wine or a delicious craft beer, while listening to your favorite music. 

This is possible thanks to the trend of glamping, a way to vacation but with awareness of nature. Instead of staying in a tourist complex that often has no relation to the environment in which it was built, it is better to stay in a comfortable glamping that takes advantage of the elements of the area in which it is located to give us a unique experience.

The glampings they can be in the style of a tent but with all the luxuries for you to enjoy, or even remodeled trailers with all the comforts and amenities, you could even find small houses built among trees, tiny and beautiful cabins, etc. There are different types, for all tastes and budgets, in different parts of the world and Now also in Mexico.

Glamping to vacation in Ensenada

Woman drinking wine in Valley Nomads

Try a new vacation style and get to know firsthand why this trend is growing more and more in different countries. Not only can you enjoy nature, but also the calm and tranquility of these natural sites, which will allow you to forget about routine and work. It is your opportunity to venture to try something new, In addition to enjoying the freedom caused by these types of spaces, Without sacrificing the amenities you like best. 

Now you can enjoy the glamping in Ensenada, when staying at Valley nomads You live a unique experience since you are in the heart of the state's wine region. Also, after spending a night in our Aistream glamping, you can do activities such as wine tastings, taste fusion food and return to your trailer to fall in love with the views of the desert of northern Mexico.

Book now and experience why the glamping It is a tourist trend that continues to grow around the world, you will also love it.