Adventure and sport in the San Pedro Mártir National Park

The San Pedro Mártir National Park is a place that has many attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. On the one hand, there is the Picacho del Diablo, one of the only places where snow falls in winter in Mexico, in addition to being a desert mountain where it is very difficult to climb, so many professionals are interested in climbing it as a sport.

In the summer the temperatures are pleasant for activities such as camping or excursions. There are diverse flora and fauna, some endemic to the region. In total there are 142 species of plants and the park is one of the most important protected areas in the country. 

National Park

In general here you can perform various sports activities, easy and complex. For example: hiking, rappelling, mountain biking, camping, hiking, etc. Definitely a super recommended option for all nature lovers.

You can also take a guided tour of the National Astronomical Observatory, here is the second largest telescope in all of Mexico. You can make a visit by letting them know at the entrance of the park that you are going to the observatory. 

National Observatory

How to get?

The park entrance is at kilometer 84 of the San Telmo road. It is open from 7 in the morning to 8 at night and the entrance costs 64 pesos per person. Inside there is also a cultural center that opens from Friday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Here you can find scientific information about this area and about the natives of this region, the kiliwa.

If you want to go hiking, there are several well-maintained roads within the park where you can enjoy beautiful views, the flora and fauna of the place. If you make the six-mile journey to El Altar, you can have views of the Picacho del Diablo, the San Felipe desert and the Sea of Cortez. 

San Pedro National Park

Thanks to a recovery program, some California condors live in this park, a species in danger of extinction since it is considered that there are around 400 in the world. It is possible to see them flying in the park, you just have to pay attention. Bird watching is also a popular activity on this site. 

It is advisable to bring all the necessary supplies as there are not many shops or restaurants nearby to buy food, water or anything else you may need. It is also important that you go well sheltered since even in summer the temperature can drop dramatically. In winter it is necessary to go well protected since it is very cold.