From surfing to skydiving: physical activities you can do on your vacation in Ensenada

Ensenada can be paradise, no matter what type of activities you are looking for ... here you will find them all!

It is not only an essential point of Mexican cuisine, of international quality wine production and of unparalleled biodiversity, but also, the perfect place for the most intrepid.

If you are adventurous at heart, Ensenada will catch you completely. Here we tell you what activities you can do during your stay so that you and your companions have maximum fun.


As expected, we had to start the list of activities with this sport. And it is that Ensenada, Baja California is the “cradle of surfing” in Mexico and even some areas were called the sixth World Surf Reserve by the association Save the Waves.


Its impressive waves are ideal for practicing this extreme sport, so tourists from different parts of the world frequently go to their beaches to find the best wave.

The beaches Salsipuedes, San Miguel, Stacks, Tres Emes and Isla Todos Santos are iconic points where they usually practice this sport, the latter being a beach where only experts dare to enter among its giant waves.

Las Cañadas

It is the most popular tourist camp in Ensenada, which has fun on land, water and air.

You can rent ATVs, motorcycles or do the Canopy Tour. The latter consists of a 30-meter high route through 5 zip lines of different lengths and 5 conceptual suspension bridges with different challenges.

Here You can see more information about the tour.

High altitude activities: Delta Wing and Skydiving


If you are a lover of heights, this exciting sport will fascinate you. You will climb accompanied by a pilot at a height of between 200 and 600 meters, from where you can observe the beautiful view of the sea.

Between Rosarito and Ensenada there is a cliff with a height of 600 meters from where the hang gliders take flight and landings take place on the beach.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something even more extreme, among all the activities this is the best option for you: Skydiving or skydive.

Live the adrenaline to the fullest by jumping in free fall from more than 8 thousand feet at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

For both activities there are tour operators They can offer you the service.

Desert Nest Zip Line

The latter is an adventure park with multiple activities, but its main attraction is a zip line circuit of almost 3.6 kilometers in length and a suspension bridge.

To get to the circuit you will have to transport yourself in an all-terrain boogie along rocky paths while enjoying the semi-desert landscape.

In this park usually offers some discounts depending on the season, you can check on their social networks to know more about it.